Paper Tonnage/Cost Savings

A retail client approached Suncraft looking to keep their current format but take advantage of Suncraft's unique press cutoffs.  The personalized Self Mailer was a 12pp 6x9 backbone pasted booklet sealed with a line of hot melt glue on the face.


Suncraft altered the head/foot size from 9" to 8" to fit Press 4/5 eliminating most paper waste for the run.


Original paper tonnage:  540,100 lbs.

New paper tonnage: 399,700 lbs. 


Total paper tonnage savings: 140,400 lbs

Translated to total cost savings: $60,372 

Costs down / Response Up


A gaming client approached Suncraft looking for a format with long life visibility at a reduced cost as the refrigerator magnet had become cost prohibitive for them.  The coupon format, which has progressive coupon redemption dates, needed to last in the home for over a couple of months.


Suncraft created an innovative duplex imaged self-mailer design with a series of perforated progressive coupons that adhere to a refrigerator with Suncraft removable transfer tape.


The format ran successfully and regularly provides response rates of 8-10%.